Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Applications of .NET

Using .NET Framework, we offered to develop the following types of applications.

1.  Console Applications

  • These applications contains similar user interface to the operating systems like MSDOS and UNIX.
  • Known as C.U.I (Character User Interface) applications.
  • These are similar to C/C++ applications.
  • These are smaller in size.
  • Doesn‘t contain any graphical features like mouse pointer, colors, fonts, buttons etc.
    Console Application

2.  Windows Forms Applications

  • These applications are designed similar to the ―Windows‖ operating system.
  • Known as G.U.I (Graphical User Interface) applications.
  • Offers graphical features like mouse pointer, colors, fonts, buttons, text boxes etc.
    Window Form Application

3.  Windows Services

  • A Windows service is a long-running executable application.
  • These can run only on windows platforms.
  • These perform specific functions as background process.
  • Doesn‘t contain user interface or doesn‘t require any user interaction.
  • Windows  services  can  be  configured  to  start  when  the  operating  system is booted and run in the background as long as Windows is running, or they can be started manually when required.
  • Examples:
                i.  Windows Time.
                ii.  Windows Audio.
                iii.  Anti-Virus Security.
                iv.  Database services like SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle etc.
                v.  Plug and Play.
                vi.  Battery Power Supply Status on Laptops.etc.

  • To  see  the  all  the  installed  windows  services  on  the  system,  click  on  ―> Start  –> Control Panel ―> Administrative Tools  ―> Services. 
Windows Services

4.  Windows Mobile Applications

Windows Mobile Applications
  • The  Mobile  applications  can  run  on  the small  devices  like  Pocket  PCs,  Smart phones and mobile devices.
  • Ex:  Mobile  based  calculators,  schedulers, database manipulation applications etc.

5.  Web Sites / Web Applications

  • These are most frequently used applications by every internet literature.
  • In  modern  life  every  business  (commercial)  /  educational  /  service  oriented organizations are having their own web sites.
  • Some  other  web  sites  are  offering  general  purpose  services  that  can  be  used  by anybody like E-Mail, Search Engines, and Blogs etc.
  • So,  there  is  much  demand  for  these  applications  in  modern  software  development industry.
  • In  .NET  Framework,  the  web  sites  can  be  developed  using  the  technology  called ASP.NET.
  • Ex:
Web Site / Web Application

6.  Web Services

  • Web Services are simple and easy to understand.
  • These can be developed using again ASP.NET.
  • The  web  services  are  used  to  implement  ―SOA‖  (Service  Oriented  Architecture)  in web applications.
  • The  main  purpose  of  SOA  is  to  implement  some  interaction  between  two applications.

  • Examples:
             i.  Online shopping requires credit card authentication, from back web site.
             ii. accesses the mail services of Yahoo and Gmail.

7.  WPF Applications

  • WPF stands for Windows Presentation Foundation.
  • WPF Applications are GUI applications similar to ―> Windows Applications.
  • These  Applications  support  more  advanced  graphical  features  like  shapes,  object transformation, brushes etc.
    Windows Presentation Foundation

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