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Get FileInfo in C#

FileInfo Class

  • Similar to the drives and folders, the System.IO namespace is used to manipulate the files also.
  • The file manipulations include with checking for the file existence, get the file details like file  size,  file  attributes,  created  date,  last  accessed  date  etc.,  and  write  new  content  to the files and also read content from existing files.
  • Every file is to be represented as an object, created for System.IO.FileInfo class.

          Library: System.IO.FileInfo
    This class object represents a file on the file system. This able to get the information of the file and also to perform certain operations on that folder.

Object Construction:
  Syn: FileInfo obj = new FileInfo(path of the file);
  Ex:  FileInfo obj = new FileInfo(c:\\tc\list.h);
You can observe the list of all available properties, methods of this class.

Program for FileInfo                                                                         

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;
namespace FileInfoDemo
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
string filepath;
Console.WriteLine("Enter the file path:");
filepath = Console.ReadLine();
FileInfo fobj = new FileInfo(filepath);
if (fobj.Exists)
Console.WriteLine("\nName: " + fobj.Name);
Console.WriteLine("Full Name: " + fobj.FullName);
Console.WriteLine("Extension: " + fobj.Extension);
Console.WriteLine("Directory: " + fobj.DirectoryName);
Console.WriteLine("File Size: " + fobj.Length + " bytes");
Console.WriteLine("Created on: " + fobj.CreationTime);
Console.WriteLine("Last Accessed on: " + fobj.LastAccessTime);
Console.WriteLine("Last Modified on: " + fobj.LastWriteTime);
Console.WriteLine("File not found.");
 DriveInfo , DirectoryInfo , FileInfo StreamReader , StreamWriter

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