Saturday, March 1, 2014

OOP Development

Class Definition Syntax:

      class classname

Fields Declaration Syntax:

accessmodifier  functionalModifier  datatype variablename;
accessmodifier functionalModifier datatype variablename = value;
Note 1: We cover about ―Properties‖ syntax in further hours.
Note 2: The functional modifiers are static, readonly, virtual, override. We cover about these modifiers also   in further hours.

Methods (Member Functions) Declaration Syntax:

accessmodifier  functionalModifier  returntype/void methodname(args)
//method body

Object (Instance) Construction Syntax:

//object reference creation
classname objname;
//memory allocation
objname = new classname();
      (  or )
//object creation along with memory allocation
classname objname = new classname()

Accessing Object Members:


Object Oriented Programming

Downlaod above code for OOPS Demo : Download Links

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