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Array Class, String Class, Maths Class, Random Class

Click Here - Array Class , String Class , Math Class , Random Class

Array Class :

There is a pre-defined class called "Array". C# recognizes every array as an object for the "System.Array" class. As an advantage of this, every array can access the members for that Array class.  For  common  programming  needs,  the  Array  class  offers  few  properties  and  few methods, which are useful for general manipulations of arrays.
Here, you can see the available properties of array class in this table:

Manipulations on Arrays

Copying arrays:

Syn: arrayname.CopyTo(DestinationArray, StartIndex);
Ex: a.CopyTo(b, 0);
Note: The size and dimensions of both a and b arrays, should be same. It copies all the elements into the destination array.

Sorting arrays:

Syn: Array.Sort(arrayname);
Ex: Array.Sort(a);
Note: Sort is a static method of Array class. It sorts all the array elements in ascending order.

Reversing arrays:

Syn: Array.Reverse(arrayname);
Ex: Array.Reverse(a); 
Note: Reverse‖  is  a  static  method  of  Array  class.  It  exactly  reverses  the  all the array elements.

Searching arrays for an element:

Syn: Array.IndexOf(arrayname, value);
Ex: Array.IndexOf(a, 50);
Note: IndexOf‖ is a static method of  Array class. It searches the array for the given value, and returns it‘s index if it is found; otherwise it returns -1;

Program for Single Dim Array

namespace App_46_Array_Class
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //single dimensional array
            Console.WriteLine("Single dimensional array:");
            int[] a = { 643, 32948, 39, 23094, 112 };
            foreach (int i in a)
                Console.Write(i + " ");
            Console.WriteLine("\nLength: " + a.Length);
            Console.WriteLine("Rank: " + a.Rank);
            //double dimensional array
            Console.WriteLine("\nDouble dimensional array:");
            int[,] b = { { 56, 1238, 8812 }, { 99, 2784, 2892 } };
            for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
                for (int j = 0; j < 3; j++)
                    Console.Write(b[i, j] + " ");
            Console.WriteLine("Length: " + b.Length);
            Console.WriteLine("Rank: " + b.Rank);
            //string array
            Console.WriteLine("\nString array:");
            string[] s = { "Java", "Corba", "C++", "Perl", "AJAX", "JavaScript"              };
            foreach (string i in s)
                Console.Write(i + " ");
            //copying arrays
            Console.WriteLine("\n\nSingle dim array after copy:");
            int[] c = new int[5];
            a.CopyTo(c, 0);
            foreach (int i in c)
                Console.Write(i + " ");
            //sorting arrays
            Console.WriteLine("\n\nSingle dim array after sorting:");
            foreach (int i in c)
                Console.Write(i + " ");
            Console.WriteLine("\n\nString array after sorting:");
            foreach (string i in s)
                Console.Write(i + " ");
            //reversing arrays
            Console.WriteLine("\n\nSingle dim array after reversing:");
            foreach (int i in c)
                Console.Write(i + " ");
            Console.WriteLine("\n\nString array after reversing:");
            foreach (string i in s)
                Console.Write(i + " ");
            //searching an element
            Console.WriteLine("Index of 'Java' in the string array is : " + Array.IndexOf(s,

Download Above Code for Demo of Single Dim Array : Download Links

Click Here - Array Class , String Class , Math Class , Random Class

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