Monday, April 7, 2014

Label Control

Mainly  used  for  presentation  purpose,  to  display  a  message  or  description  to  the user.
API: System.Windows.Forms.Label

Properties of Label
Property Description
Text Specifies the displayable text of the control.
BackColor Specifies the background color of the control.
ForeColor Specifies the foreground color of the control.
Font Specifies the font style of the control‘s text.
Enabled Enables / Disables the control.
Visible Displays / Hides the control.
Cursor Specifies the mouse pointer style, when it is over on the control.
Size Specifies the Width and Height of the control.
Location Specifies the X and Y co-ordinations of the control‘s position on the form.
TextAlign Specifies the position of the text in the control (Left / Center / Right)
Image Specifies the image that is to be displayed in the control along with the text.
ImageAlign Specifies the position of the image in the control
TabIndex Specifies the index of the control in the tab order.
ContextMenuStrip Contains the reference of the respective context menu control.
AutoSize Enables / disables automatic sizing of the control, based on the text.

Events of Label
Event Description
Click Executes when the user clicks the control run time.
DoubleClick Executes when the user double-clicks the control at run time.
MouseMove Executes when the mouse pointer is moves across the control.
MouseEnter Executes when the mouse pointer is focused on to the control.
MouseLeave Executes when the mouse pointer is out of the button.
KeyPress Executes when any key is pressed on the keyboard, while the focus is on the control.
Enter Executes when the focus is entered into the control.
Leave Executes when the focus is out of the control.

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