Friday, February 21, 2014

Visual Studio 2010 - Part 1

How to open Visual Studio 2010 is Click on Start Menu  -> Programs‖  –> Microsoft Visual Studio 2010  –> Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
  • The following screen will be opened
  • Initially, the Visual Studio 2010 will be opened along with Start Page.
  • The start page is nothing but the welcome page, which contains
  1.  Logo: A logo of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010‖ on the top of the start page.
  2. Recent Projects: List of most recently opened projects. If you click on any one, the project will be opened immediately.
  3. Get  started  / Guidance and Resources / Latest News:  Headlines of visual studio help for .NET  programmers. If you click on any one head line, online help will be opened (if Internet connection is available)

The Visual Studio 2010 Basics

To  start  programming  with  Visual  Studio,  you  should  know  some  common  terminology that is used most frequently in Visual Studio.
  • Project:  An  application  developed  in  Visual  Studio.  That  may  be  of  different types  such  as  Console  application,  Windows  application,  Windows  Service,  Web site etc.
  • Solution:  Collection of one or more projects. Initially, in a solution, one project will be placed. Later, you can add other projects to it.
  • Build:  Compilation  of  entire  .NET  Project  (all  the  files  will  be  compiled  at-atime).
  • Class: A collection of data members and methods (member functions).
                   Example of the Class

  • Namespace:  It‘s  nothing  but  a  collection  of  classes.  It  may  also  contain  sub namespaces.  A  project  may  require  implementing  at  least  one  or  more  classes. Any class can‘t be defined individually, without a namespace.  In .NET, all of the classes related one application should be defined with a user defined namespace.
               Example of Namespace

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