Friday, February 21, 2014

Visual Studio 2010 - Part 2

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Creating a new project

To create a new project in Visual Studio, follow the steps given below.
  • Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
  • Click on File –>New –> Project.

  • In  the  New  Project  dialog  box,  the  left  side  panel  displays  the  list  of  .NET languages like
           i.  Visual C#
           ii. Visual Basic
           iii. Visual C++ etc.

The right side panel displays the list of project templates like
  1. Windows Forms Application
  2. Class Library
  3. ASP.NET Web Application
  4. ASP.NET Web Service Application
  5. WPF Application
  6. WPF Browser Application
  7. Console Application
  8. WCF Service Application
  9. Windows Forms Control Library
  • Select  the  appropriate  language  and  required  project  template.  For  example select Visual C# and Windows Forms Application.
  • Provide the following details:
             i.   Name: Specifies the name of the project.
                  Ex: WindowsFormsApplication1.
             ii.  Location: Specifies the path, in which the project is to be stored.
             iii. Solution  Name:  The  actual  name  of  the  solution.  (By  default  the solution  will  be  created                                             with  one  project,  later  you  can  add  other projects to this solution if needed).
  • Click on OK to confirm. Then the new project will be created.
In the above screen, you can see an empty form created automatically, named as Form1.

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